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[2016-10-25] Patch note
2016-10-24 23:03:57 by Igor. | Views: 6888 | Comments: 0

Fast note on what have been patched:

- Once again, changed required stats on 144/148/152 weapons/clothes,
- the 152 bracelet manual bug,
- turbo speed (out of stamina problem).

From additional note, the server strings method handling has been changed. This way, we've achieved atleast a few thousand of milliseconds on each string operation.

That's pretty much all. Kind Regards.
[2016-10-12] Patch note
2016-10-12 11:47:38 by Igor. | Views: 12567 | Comments: 3

Fast note on what have been patched:

- Fixed required stats of 152 Wolkwang weapons,
- fixed quests Maximum Required Level note, when you're trying to pick such quest,
- items from last stackable patch, should be now pickable.

Kind Regards.
[2016-09-28] Server Patch
2016-09-28 04:38:17 by Igor. | Views: 11128 | Comments: 2
Hello. A few adnotations about last patch. Fixed things: - mage's books, - lack of translation, - lack of translation v2, - packet length wrong value.

Also from additional notes. We've fixed a few of the normal game abilities.

Hiding Skills for Assassins (Lvl 2/4) - will hide since now.
The announce delay (pretty much known when you see announce for the first time) is fixed now.
Poisons parsed on mobs are now decreasing their health properly.
Mob drops should be placed on the death mob's place, without any exception.
Shrinked another packets; you won't receive each 4 second packet, if you're fully healed already.

That's pretty much everything now.

Kind Regards.

[2016-10-03] Patch.


Fury circle is now switched, after fully loading it.
Jade manual now gives 10 jades for SSC/SSO & 30 jades for SSW.

[2016-09-01] Hello school
2016-09-01 00:34:23 by Igor. | Views: 6397 | Comments: 0
Hey, hi, hello. A few patches, and updates. - known keyboard bug, - tool prices, - casino skills,
- beside; coming back to the combo bug. I believe it should be properly fixed now. If anyone will have the same problem, as before - with stopped combo skills, then please report it on the GitHub.

The whole rest is just a server optimization, which may be visible on connection with the server.

[2016-08-21] Longer break
2016-08-21 02:38:13 by Igor. | Views: 13510 | Comments: 3

Due to some life circumstances, I had to take a longer break, for coding anything on Martial Heroes. Well.. Finally, I'm back, with new portion of updates.

- Fixed Combo Bug (I guess),
- fixed the Guild Set Position logic.
- remade the holy grail of Socket functioning (I guess that server should work smoother now),,
- fixed the unhide skill collision between several sword/fan skills,
- resized Leo-Claw & Crab-Dagger to normal sizes.

Bugtracker bugs:

That's preety everything from me now. I'll be back soon. :)

Kind regards, Igor.
2016-07-14 00:54:32 by UncleGaga | Views: 8351 | Comments: 1
Guild War will be weekends for now (mid week if required) .Start time will be a random time on saturday or sunday until a decision can be made for a time that is conveniant for everyone.
2016-06-25 10:07:11 by UncleGaga | Views: 158211 | Comments: 60
Hello. We are exchanging items written down there for 5000 GO Points;

The 'Rose' Bear, 'Rose" I love you bear, Bear.

Kind Regards.
[2016-05-24] Update
2016-05-24 01:30:03 by Igor. | Views: 6379 | Comments: 0
Hello. Another short update before storm;

> :
 -> fixed visual training exp rates,
 -> level up messages in the brotherhood/student&master relations.
> :
 -> fixed Greater Jackpot Tag values.
> :
 -> fixed party informing formula,
> also bumped several drop rates of rare items in the event mobs,
> fixed attached cursor item (it's being removed now) after upgrading with stacked upgrader,
 -> fixed critical bead's rate.

Kind Regards.
[2016-05-04] Update
2016-05-04 02:30:02 by Igor. | Views: 6534 | Comments: 0
Hello. Short update;

> Guildwar buffs fixed - ,
> increased set drop rates,
> disabled option to save octagonal position in CVT, RC, MC,
> shrinked create item packet,
> upgraded dropped items from the event boxes - mainly;
: EMH Tickets
: Blue Tickets
: Fire Wooden Swords
: 12Rare_Manual_W_Box (Permanent KIJI wepon)
: Silver bead: For production of +13 Bead
: Bag of beads: For production of +13 Bead
: Tiger Skinl: For production of lvl 36 Voodoo Tiger, Tiger Bloodl: For production of lvl 36 Voodoo, Tiger Voodoo Spell: For production of lvl 36 Voodoo Tiger
: Permanent Pandora Weapon
: CNY Firecrackers Gives you +25% drop rate, CNY Firecrackers Gives you +25% fame and much much more..

Kind Regards.
[2016-04-27] Patch
2016-04-27 18:16:43 by Igor. | Views: 13575 | Comments: 3
Hello. We're back with a few server fixes & patches.

> Tablet manuals
> finishing quests & words/"A proof of loyalty" quests warping & over level bug
> fixed the guild requirements bug [MUN -> PA],
> removed exp loss in pvp mode
> fixed party coins visual parsing,
> switched several actions back to CommunityManagement & GuildManagement & PlayerState functions to asynchronous mode,
> shortened the internal guild quit packet,
> we've also added several event mobs for your gaming pleasure.

[2016-04-30 Addon]

> fixed quests & once again - this time job and everything else should be given upon finishing the quest,
> added boss name's on the summon amulets,
> added a little suprise in Santa Gift Box =) Who wants to ride a tradable Pandora Tiger?

Kind Regards, BMH team.