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[2016-03-23/28] Client & Server Patch
2016-03-23 17:40:41 by Igor. | Views: 4496 | Comments: 0

Today's patch brings a few patches, and Ox Event.

From the patches:

- More inventory security,
- mobs spawned from harvesting will be now automatically aggroed,
- fixes in bosses drop table,
- fame given by the mobs is added correctly now,
- critical bead is working since now,
- Kiji C Jacket manual (monk) requires "Gumdan" instead of "Humanmopi" since now.

As the event, each killed mob has a chance to spawn Black Event Ox. Those will drop some nice stuffs.

Also the Ox event will be lasting up to 31.03.2016.

Have fun & regards.
[2016-03-19/20] Announce - GW/FW & Night patch
2016-03-19 13:41:08 by Igor. | Views: 5878 | Comments: 1

Faction War will be occuring on 20.03.2016 18:00 CET.
Guild War will be occuring on 20.03.2016 20:00 CET.

There'll be also a minor patch on 20.03.2016 12:00 CET since then;

- picking up party coins will make the golds go to every member of the party, *moved to 21.03.2016
- tax stones should be fully functional. *moved to 21.03.2016

Thanks & regards.
[2016-03-17] Short server patch
2016-03-17 10:33:13 by Igor. | Views: 4254 | Comments: 0
Haia, short update logs:

Merging beads,
fix3d inventory item removal action,
fix3d dupe bug throught restacking item (thx banned AreN rip 2016),
fixed mobs spawning in the tombs,
quests with receivable will be now properly finished,
shrinked character packet size from 600 bytes down to 132.

[Addon: 2016-03-18]:

Fixed mobs frozen state.
Now, the pot consumption has been disabled for the Safe Areas.

Regards. :cool:

P.S.: For those that are still asking - yes, there'll be a wipe when we'll move from OBT to Stable [remember that we'll get there, when the server will look as it should #taxStones, #rb etc], and yes. All the GO Points, that you've bought during OBT will be returned on your account with Stable release.
IRC Channel
2016-03-11 23:25:41 by Castiel | Views: 5214 | Comments: 0
For anybody interested, we now have an IRC Channel @ QuakeNet!
To connect, visit this link:
If you have your own IRC client, we are located at #BrightMH on

The IRC will be used for Live-Support and Q/A, so feel free to visit with any questions and concerns.
Bug reports unless extremely critical still go to

I, GM@Castiel, will be on IRC as much as I possibly can, but can't promise to be there 24/7.

Kind Regards,
GM@Castiel and the rest of the BrightMH Team
[2016-02-27] Emergency Server Maintenance Concluded
2016-02-28 00:25:21 by Castiel | Views: 4660 | Comments: 0
Greetings Heroes!

The emergency server maintenance has concluded and the server is now online!

Kind Regards,
GM@Castiel and the rest of the BrightMH Team
We're back
2016-02-19 11:12:47 by Igor. | Views: 4320 | Comments: 0
First of all, we'd like to apologize for the unplanned downtime yesterday. Even though we're still on open beta and these things are bound to happen; we'd like to show our appreciation to our most valued members. As a gesture of apology, we've given all our donators a little gift, for their continuous support for BrightMH.

Once again, we're sorry for the inconvenience. We are currently up and running again!
[2016-02-19] Server Maintenance [Server modifications]
2016-02-19 02:41:52 by Igor. | Views: 4021 | Comments: 0
We're currently changing the server hardware. It'll take up to 10 hours. Thanks for the patience, regards.
Datacenter DDoS
2016-02-18 19:08:32 by Castiel | Views: 4630 | Comments: 0
Greetings heroes,

I'm sure you've all noticed some pretty insane lag problems, and the server freezing up occasionally.

I would just like you all to know that the problem is not on our end.

Our datacenter is currently under DDoS attack and there is nothing we can do to fix it.

The only option is to wait it out, and hope it ends soon.

Kind Regards,

GM@Castiel and the rest of the BrightMH Team
[2016-02-12] Server Maintenance Concluded
2016-02-13 04:12:59 by Castiel | Views: 4845 | Comments: 0
The maintenance has concluded and the server is now online, happy levelling!


1. Deadlocks fixed (We hope)
2. Delivery problems fixed
3. Critical bug in socket class fixed
[2016-02-12] Server Maintenance
2016-02-13 01:51:38 by Castiel | Views: 4358 | Comments: 0
We are currently performing an early maintenance due to server issues.
This maintenance is expected to last ~2 hours.

A changelog will be posted when the maintenance is over.
We thank you for your patience and understanding!

Kind Regards,

GM@Castiel and the rest of the BrightMH Team