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Yet Another Late Spring Update
2022-06-01 00:49:04 by Phantom | Views: 776 | Comments: 1
[Image: 9QQVksW.png]

Greetings Heroes!

Hello! It's been a year, the update is here. A day late and a dollar short.
Do you think it was worth the wait and did it over deliver on expectations?
Download the new Game Client and explore vast new horizons laid before you.

        Fictitious Land Map (+5% exp bonus per party member)
        Fresh Fashions
        Weather System
        Revenge Battle (daily 8pm CEST)
        Tax Stones
        ...and much much more for you to explore.

         Ice Breaking: additional materials
         Class Change: tradable
         Summon Skill: damage
         Harvesting: requires certificate
         Tomb Mobs: increased spawn rates
         LSD Mobs: stats and tables
         Buddong: canceled on attacking
         Faster Game Loading
         Instant game exit

        Antivirus false positives
        12Rare Manual W Box (1D)
        Mana resetting to zero
        Golden Buffs (I)

Guild Wars: Every 2 weeks starting Saturday June 11th 8pm CEST
        Winning guilds receive +2% exp buff per stone

Faction War: Every 3 weeks starting Wednesday June 15th 8pm CEST
        Winning faction receive +7.5% exp buff

Tax Stones:
        Winning guilds receive +2% exp buff per stone, max +5% for 3 or more stones

Kind Regards,
The BMH Team
Peter Cottontail
2022-04-08 04:58:33 by Phantom | Views: 1049 | Comments: 0
[Image: 9QQVksW.png]

Greetings Heroes!

Follow Peter all the way down the rabbit hole to obtain all his eggs.
Becareful, Peter has been eating dice and has become a jacked rabbit.

Kind Regards,
The BMH Team
Year Of The Tiger
2022-01-31 05:51:07 by Phantom | Views: 2090 | Comments: 4
[Image: 9QQVksW.png]

Greetings Heroes!

Time to dig my claws in and take a bite out of sociopaths.
Guard your fortunes against the inevitable rising tides.

Top 5

Kind Regards,
The BMH Team
The 25 Days of Christmas
2021-12-01 00:03:53 by Phantom | Views: 1802 | Comments: 0
[Image: vp3_2.png]

Greetings Heroes!

Santa's workshop has been looted by the hands of some unsavory types.
Each day the elves will work hard to increase gift production.
Keep an eye out for Santa on Christmas.

Happy holidays!
The BMH Team
The Nightmare Before Christmas
2021-10-15 05:26:19 by Phantom | Views: 2837 | Comments: 2
[Image: 9QQVksW.png]

Greetings Heroes!

Characters adorned with costumes are knocking on doors all over the kingdom.
The top 5 characters with the most Jack O' Lanterns will receive extra treats.

Top 5:

Not in the list? Not enough treats or too much macro?

Happy Haunting,
The BMH Team
Ye Ole Farmstead
2021-08-29 05:16:15 by Phantom | Views: 1877 | Comments: 0
[Image: 9QQVksW.png]

Greetings Heroes!

Harvest all you can before the giants arrive.
Be prepared for a new chapter on the horizon.

Kind Regards,
The BMH Team
Ringz 4 Dayz
2021-07-25 19:10:32 by Phantom | Views: 2580 | Comments: 1
[Image: 9QQVksW.png]

Greetings Heroes!

Firu lost his marbles working on the next patch.
His loss is your gain. Get all the marbles you can.
Help put Firu back together again.

Kind Regards,
The BMH Team
Cruel Summer
2021-06-08 06:02:29 by Phantom | Views: 2527 | Comments: 0
[Image: 9QQVksW.png]

Greetings Heroes!

It's getting hot out there already in the world.
Come in and beat the heat of summer.
Grab some watermelon and quench your thirst.

Kind Regards,
The BMH Team
Late Spring Update
2021-05-23 23:49:32 by Igor. | Views: 4134 | Comments: 3
[Image: 9QQVksW.png]

Hello! We're providing a so called "Late Spring" update!

Things added/removed/patched:

- MHP Tokens removed from the Market Shop,
- GM Buffs removed,
- Added buff manuals at Money Exchanger NPC,
- SkyZone (945 GO) & LSD (1260 GO) manuals added,
- Big Size potion (10.000 GO Tradeable) added,
- Super Small Size (20.000 GO Tradeable) added,
- Stronger Warfare Pots added in NPC Manuals,
- Level Requirements for 1.000 and 2.000 HP/Mana pots changed,
- Market new item - Vengance set (V),
- Market new item - All Day Hero Set,
- Medicine Manual added as drop in 156 Lost Soul Dimension map)
- Vivienne boss added in 156 Lost Soul Dimension Map,
- Lost Soul Dimension gold drop changed from 999 Silver to 200,
- Bunch of items added to Market Shop.

More to come! Wish you great rest of Spring!

Kind Regards,
The BMH Team
Ten Years Remain
2021-04-14 07:37:54 by Phantom | Views: 2487 | Comments: 0
[Image: 9QQVksW.png]

Greetings Heroes!

The climate has turned upside down.
Mini elites have ravaged the planet.
Save mother earth from destruction.

Kind Regards,
The BMH Team