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[News] GMH Applications Are Now CLOSED
[Image: WzNEW7r.png]

Greetings heroes, Castiel here!

After some careful consideration of the applications we've received, our new GMHs have been selected!
We were looking for very specific qualities in our GMHs and if you weren't picked, we apologize and we hope you don't take it personally!
As of right now, GMH applications are now closed! We ask that you refrain from opening any new GMH applications until we announce that they're open again!

Thank you to all who applied, and congratulations to those who were selected!
Please note that while GMHs are a part of the BMH staff team, they are still players and have every right to enjoy the game as you do.
That said, they are also to adhere to the rules just as everybody else is.

If you have a problem with the way any of our GMHs handle a situation on our behalf, please come to either c3d3r0m or myself directly!
Please do not make a thread to complain about how bad they are and how they should be removed from the GMH list.

The BMH Team

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