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[Update] [2016-12-16] Christmas Update
[Image: WzNEW7r.png]

Greetings heroes, Castiel here!

Many of you have been asking when there'll be a Christmas event.
I'm pleased to tell you that the wait is now over, the Christmas event starts now!
Before we get into the details, let me tell you a little story.

It was a cold winter night and Igor was enjoying a Jack and coke by the fireplace.
Suddenly it dawned on him, Christmas didn't have enough cheer!
Igor decided to take it upon himself to spread some holiday cheer by bringing presents to the Empire of Martial Heroes.

Unfortunately, he had a little too much to drink and slipped on a patch of ice.
He bumped his head and blacked out, but that wasn't the end of the night for him.
He has been spotted all over the Empire of Martial Heroes picking fights with any hero he can find.

Igor has gone from the cheery Santa Claus who only wanted to spread holiday cheer to all, to the angry drunken Santa Claus who you see before you tonight.

Now that you know the story, let's move onto the details.

Everybody will receive a present from Igor in their delivery tab of the cargo, I guess he sent them before he fell and blacked out.
This present will begin a quest which can be turned in at Ochun Castle for to receive a gift box that contains upgrades and GO items!

Every monster after level 36 will have a chance to spawn Angry Drunken Santa Claus.
He will drop Santa's Seals (guaranteed) and some other items as well.

The X-Mas Event NPC has been added to VV.
This NPC sells Christmas-themed fireworks granting stat benefits, so buy them while you can!
Also in the NPC is Santa's manual, which can be combined with 50 Santa's Seals to make more gift boxes like the one received from the Christmas Gift Box quest.

Also contained in this update is a large selection of new mutations in the GO shop!

The Christmas event will last until January 1st, so enjoy it while it lasts!

Note: Summon and unhide should now be working as intended. Please let us know of any other problems with them.
Note 2: The X-Mas NPC should now have the correct manuals.

The BMH Team

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