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[2016-12-24] Happy Holidays!
2016-12-24 02:59:52 by Castiel | Views: 4448 | Comments: 0
[Image: vp3.png]

Greetings heroes!

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Joyous Kwanzaa.
Whatever you may celebrate, we the BrightMH team would like to wish you all happy holidays!
If you don't celebrate anything in particular, may you enjoy some well-deserved rest and time with your family and friends!

Much love,
The BrightMH team

[Image: vp3_2.png]

[2016-12-18] Account Security
2016-12-18 15:44:58 by Castiel | Views: 4971 | Comments: 0
[Image: WzNEW7r.png]

Greetings heroes, Castiel here!

It has come to our attention that some of you have not heeded the warning from OBT about using the same password as you did on another Martial Heroes service.
If you are "hacked", this means your password needs to be changed, and if you have the same password you did on another applications I would highly recommend you change it right this second.
In the future, we will not be responsible for anything you've lost by being "hacked," and we recommend that you take measures to ensure that your account is secure.
If you are unsure about how to create a secure password, we recommend reading this article.
To those who have not used the same password as you did on another Martial Heroes service, we still recommend that you change your password to be on the safe side.

The BMH Team

[2016-12-16] Christmas Update
2016-12-16 17:30:46 by Castiel | Views: 4518 | Comments: 0
[Image: WzNEW7r.png]

Greetings heroes, Castiel here!

Many of you have been asking when there'll be a Christmas event.
I'm pleased to tell you that the wait is now over, the Christmas event starts now!
Before we get into the details, let me tell you a little story.

It was a cold winter night and Igor was enjoying a Jack and coke by the fireplace.
Suddenly it dawned on him, Christmas didn't have enough cheer!
Igor decided to take it upon himself to spread some holiday cheer by bringing presents to the Empire of Martial Heroes.

Unfortunately, he had a little too much to drink and slipped on a patch of ice.
He bumped his head and blacked out, but that wasn't the end of the night for him.
He has been spotted all over the Empire of Martial Heroes picking fights with any hero he can find.

Igor has gone from the cheery Santa Claus who only wanted to spread holiday cheer to all, to the angry drunken Santa Claus who you see before you tonight.

Now that you know the story, let's move onto the details.

Everybody will receive a present from Igor in their delivery tab of the cargo, I guess he sent them before he fell and blacked out.
This present will begin a quest which can be turned in at Ochun Castle for to receive a gift box that contains upgrades and GO items!

Every monster after level 36 will have a chance to spawn Angry Drunken Santa Claus.
He will drop Santa's Seals (guaranteed) and some other items as well.

The X-Mas Event NPC has been added to VV.
This NPC sells Christmas-themed fireworks granting stat benefits, so buy them while you can!
Also in the NPC is Santa's manual, which can be combined with 50 Santa's Seals to make more gift boxes like the one received from the Christmas Gift Box quest.

Also contained in this update is a large selection of new mutations in the GO shop!

The Christmas event will last until January 1st, so enjoy it while it lasts!

Note: Summon and unhide should now be working as intended. Please let us know of any other problems with them.
Note 2: The X-Mas NPC should now have the correct manuals.

The BMH Team

GMH Applications Are Now CLOSED
2016-12-14 21:30:23 by Castiel | Views: 4508 | Comments: 0
[Image: WzNEW7r.png]

Greetings heroes, Castiel here!

After some careful consideration of the applications we've received, our new GMHs have been selected!
We were looking for very specific qualities in our GMHs and if you weren't picked, we apologize and we hope you don't take it personally!
As of right now, GMH applications are now closed! We ask that you refrain from opening any new GMH applications until we announce that they're open again!

Thank you to all who applied, and congratulations to those who were selected!
Please note that while GMHs are a part of the BMH staff team, they are still players and have every right to enjoy the game as you do.
That said, they are also to adhere to the rules just as everybody else is.

If you have a problem with the way any of our GMHs handle a situation on our behalf, please come to either c3d3r0m or myself directly!
Please do not make a thread to complain about how bad they are and how they should be removed from the GMH list.

The BMH Team

Regarding Botting
2016-12-11 21:30:04 by Castiel | Views: 4071 | Comments: 0
[Image: WzNEW7r.png]

Greetings Heroes,

This is a reminder that the use of macros to automate gameplay IS considered botting. 
It does not matter whether it's an external program, or a macro feature on your keyboard.
If you are not playing the game yourself and are automating the game, you are botting.

Kind Regards, the BMH Team

[2016-12-09] Guild War/Faction War
2016-12-09 20:25:42 by Castiel | Views: 3970 | Comments: 0
[Image: WzNEW7r.png]

Greetings Heroes,

We hope you are enjoying the Empire of Martial Heroes!

Guild War will be held on December 17, at 20:00 (8 PM) CET/GMT+1.

Faction War will be held on December 18, at 16:00 (4 PM) CET/GMT+1.

Kind Regards, the BMH Team

Re: Server Freezing
2016-12-05 04:51:23 by Castiel | Views: 4175 | Comments: 0
Greetings Heroes!

Castiel here; just want to let you know that we are aware of the server freezes and are looking into it. Full functionality will be restored as soon as possible.

We're sorry for the inconvenience!

Kind Regards
Welcome to Stable!
2016-12-01 20:23:48 by Castiel | Views: 4254 | Comments: 0
The server has been wiped and all GO points spent have been refunded to your accounts to use again!

We hope you enjoy stable release!

If you have any problems, feel free to message an admin on the forums, report the bug on our bugtracker, or contact us via Discord!


[2016-11-10] Regarding Stable and Wipe
2016-11-10 00:59:36 by Castiel | Views: 16769 | Comments: 7
[Image: WzNEW7r.png]

Greetings heroes, Castiel here!

As you all know, we've been in open beta phase for some time now.
There has been a lot to fix, and a lot to finish. 
With your help, we've achieved a lot and we couldn't have done it without you.
As a result, we've learned a lot about how the game works and let me tell you, it's been a heck of a ride.
That said, open beta, like in any other game needs to end eventually and we feel we're finally ready to take that step!
You may have heard that there will be a wipe when we move to stable, and this is true!
There have been many changes since the start of open beta, and a lot of them were to balance out the game and try and get as close as possible to the game we all know and love.
We've received a lot of questions about donations and what will happen to the GO points of those who donated during open beta.
Rest assured, any GO added to your game account from donations during open beta will be completely returned to you come stable, and you will have them all to spend on whatever you want in the heroes market!

Now for the fun part; the changes.

Since the beginning of this project, the stability of the server was a bit shaky like any other private server project, regardless of the game.
That has since changed and many wasteful packets have been shrunk a lot to include only what they need, without the useless information.
This means that not only will the server itself perform better, but the client's response times too.
We're also proud to announce that we haven't had any server crashes in a long, long time!
Although we'll be moving to stable, that doesn't mean that the game is perfect.
We will still be fixing bugs as we find them, and we still appreciate your help to that degree!
Not only have we fixed bugs, we've added some new features to the client like customization of textures and clipboard functions (Ex. Copy/Paste).

While a lot of people felt Martial Heroes was too hard in it's normal state, we feel that the progression pace of Martial Heroes kept people coming back.
From the start of open beta, the game was far too easy; this had to change and we are taking steps to do just that.
To that degree, EXP, drop, and upgrade rates will need to be changed, and this may take a bit of trial and error.

So now for the million dollar question: When IS the server moving to stable release?
The server wipe and move to stable will happen on the 1st of December at 8 PM CET.
There will be some downtime as things are readied, and the server will be back online when the process is finished.

We, the BrightMH team would like to extend our gratitude for sticking with us on this adventure.
Without you, we wouldn't have a purpose in doing this, and we can't thank you all enough.
We hope to see you all once everything is ready!

P.S: We now use Discord as our preferred method of communication! It's 100% free, contains no malware or additional programs, and has both text and voice chat!
Come join us at

Much Love,
The BrightMH team

[Image: df4006bbca.jpg]

[2016-01-11] Maintenance Note
2016-11-02 14:18:10 by Igor. | Views: 4835 | Comments: 0
Hello. We've recently moved to a new dedicated machine. While doing this, we've also fixed & added a few new things:

- Heroes Market strings have been rewritten, and linguistically fixed,
- MHP Tokens have been added to the Heroes Market.

That's it for now,
Kind Regards!