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[2016-02-09] Maintenance #2 Concluded
2016-02-09 18:58:38 by Castiel | Views: 5169 | Comments: 0
Quote:IMPORTANT: There is a manual patch to be applied to fix the updater and certain other things with the game.
This manual patch can be found here.

Your settings will be reset, so make sure to apply them again in the launcher options!

The server is now online, happy levelling!


1. Updated Guild Icons
2. Updated launcher to provide patches in the future
3. Fixed "Buy GO" URL in the Heroes Market
[2016-02-09] Maintenance #2
2016-02-09 17:06:20 by Castiel | Views: 5117 | Comments: 0
The quick restart has been changed to a short 1 hour maintenance to apply bugfixes.

EDIT: The process may take a bit longer than 1 hour.

Once again, we appreciate your patience and understanding.
BrightMH #Open Beta Testing
2016-02-09 14:12:02 by Igor. | Views: 4801 | Comments: 0
[Image: vp4.png]

Hello. I'm Igor, and it's been 9 months since I've started revival project of the Pandora Server. So far, we've recreated about 80% of the server logic. There are still a few things to do, and that's why we've started OBT. We wanted to know what's working as it should, and what's not.

So far, I'm pretty suprised, that it's gone so smoothly. I've noticed that peoples are having problems with skills and so on; you have to remember, that we're reincarnating Pandora, the other versions of the game don't concern us. The conclusion that I'd love to make here is that it's only Open Beta, so I have to take my time to fix things, and you - the players, also have to understand that I have a lot on my plate. I'm the only developer of the team and it's a lot of work. That said, I'm pretty limited with 'multitasking'.

Anyway, please remember, that every single reported bug will help me to create a proper server. Also, if you have any ideas or you can code in assembler, C, C++, C#, or Java, and you think that you're able to help me in any way, then please contact me. Contact details are listed on my profile.

Yeah, that's pretty much all from my modest self. Thank you for playing OBT. We hope to see you in the final version!

[2016-02-09] Maintenance Concluded
2016-02-09 01:07:08 by Castiel | Views: 5271 | Comments: 0
Maintenance is now over and the server is back online.

Happy leveling!
[2016-02-09] Maintenance
2016-02-08 23:55:56 by Castiel | Views: 5244 | Comments: 0
There will be a short maintenance to apply bugfixes.

During this time, the server will be unavailable.

This maintenance is expected to last 30-60 minutes.

We thank you for your patience and understanding!
Server online!
2016-02-08 18:49:20 by Castiel | Views: 5047 | Comments: 0
The server is now online! We look forward to having you all.
Downloading the client
2016-02-08 18:30:38 by Castiel | Views: 6104 | Comments: 0
We now have the download page up and running. Please feel free to pre-download the game in wait of the server opening!

The link will be at the top of the portal, but in case you don't see it; please navigate to the download page here.

If you are unsure of how to install/patch the client, please refer to this thread: Client Download & Play Guide

Another announcement will be made when the server is online. Please refrain from attempting to connect to the server until then!

Kind Regards,

GM@Castiel and the rest of the BrightMH Team
Open Beta Reminder
2016-02-08 18:00:53 by Castiel | Views: 5640 | Comments: 0
The time of open beta is nearing, and we're excited to finally allow everybody to play. We are adding the finishing touches and hope to have news of the opening very soon. Once again, we would like to remind you that not everything is perfect.

Open beta testing by design is meant to weed out bugs and correct things on a developmental level. For this purpose, we invite you all to make an account at and participate in notifying us about any bugs/corrections you believe need to be made.

Our bugtracker can be located at

Stay tuned for news of the download page and server opening!

Kind Regards,

GM@Castiel and the rest of the BrightMH Team
Open Beta Testing
2016-02-07 19:24:01 by Castiel | Views: 6382 | Comments: 0
We, the BrightMH team have been working on the server for some time now, and we are proud of what has been accomplished. Our goal has always been to provide players with a positive experience worth your valuable time.

We are proud to announce that the long wait is finally coming to an end. Many of you have been asking when the OBT will start which we haven't been able to answer. Well, we finally have an answer for you! Open beta testing will begin February 08, 2016. That's right, open beta starts tomorrow!

As we are doing our final round of preliminary tests, we don't currently have a specific time in mind. Just know that when we are ready to open our doors, we will announce the time right here on the BrightMH Facebook page! Please stay tuned, and remember to sign up at

Previously, we had to verify and activate all registered accounts ourselves. This is no longer the case. We now have email-verification set up, and you can verify your account yourselves! Please note that it's not perfect, and you may need to check your spam folder for the verification email.

Now, as for the current state of the game; open beta is designed to weed out certain features and find as many bugs as possible for stable release down the road. While many, if not most of the features of the game are working, many things need fine tuning, and a small team cannot find everything. This is why we invite you to help us by posting any bugs you may find at our bugtracker located at

You will require a GitHub account to post an issue/bugreport, and we appreciate the valuable time we hope you will all put in to making the server a positive experience for everyone.

Please note that as this is open beta, we cannot guarantee 100% server stability. If major game-breaking bugs are found, the server may be taken down temporarily to fix said bugs. Restarts/shutdowns will be announced in-game 5 minutes prior, so be sure to look out for the announcements!

TL;DR: Open beta tomorrow, please help us find bugs and report them at our bugtracker!

We hope to see you in-game tomorrow and look forward to hearing what you have to say about BrightMH!

Kind Regards,

GM@Castiel and the rest of the BrightMH Team
BrightMH #Happy Holidays!
2015-12-23 00:21:22 by Igor. | Views: 5516 | Comments: 0
[Image: vp3.png]

Greetings heroes!

We would like to wish you all happy holidays!
Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa.
Whatever you may celebrate, let it be filled with love and joy!
If you don't celebrate any festive holidays, may you enjoy some well deserved rest!

Yours truly, the BrightMH team.

[Image: vp3_2.png]