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[Update] [2016-08-21] Longer break

Due to some life circumstances, I had to take a longer break, for coding anything on Martial Heroes. Well.. Finally, I'm back, with new portion of updates.

- Fixed Combo Bug (I guess),
- fixed the Guild Set Position logic.
- remade the holy grail of Socket functioning (I guess that server should work smoother now),,
- fixed the unhide skill collision between several sword/fan skills,
- resized Leo-Claw & Crab-Dagger to normal sizes.

Bugtracker bugs:

That's preety everything from me now. I'll be back soon. Smile

Kind regards, Igor.
combo bug is still about, was in party with a fist mage that got it.
I already know the reason of the combo bug, and so I'll try to finally fix it. Thanks for mentioning tho.
since iv hit 144 iv been getting the combo bug alot more offten, i think its due to running out of mana/walking and using skill combos, i ws using shield defense and once i run out of mana it would happen, i then removed the skill and it hasnt happend once yet, so hope this helps.

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