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Can't Send Mail to _______
I Can't Send mail of any size, quantity, or even Gold-on-Delivery to my Mage: ChronoZero.
I even made a new account, attempted to send mail, and still nothing
Yes i have cleared all content from the sent/recieved list
No i dont have anything in the bottom right corner to alert me of mail
-Occasionally- about 1/10 times it will work for whatever reason
Any "Failed" attempts to send mail results in the items being "Gone" From the inventory untill a teleport scroll is used, or a relog occurs, much like the Combo Bug, coincidence maybe? idk. 

Would really like this to be looked into Big Grin

Quicknote: All others toons on my account can receive mail just fine, and my mage in question can even send mail to other players.

Edit/Fix: Apparently just typing it without any caps works fine, 100% of the time. 
And on that note...
PSA: If your toon has a name like CoolNameBro or KrAzYnAmE, to prevent this error happening to you, send mail to them without caps in their names.
Database tells me, that you've more than 8 deliveries registered.

Ok, I've found a thingie within the script. It'll be fixed soon..
yea i fixed it on my end, i was typing in the character name Exact, which the only assumption i have is that the Shift+Letters were throwing it off somehow, im just sending mail in all lower cases, im not good with coding so idk if its even for that reason, but thanks for looking into it!
Not really, the reason was pretty much different. But thank you for mentioning.

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