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[News] What is BrightMH?
BrightMH is a private server project for a game once known as Martial Heroes written in C# and C++.

Martial Heroes was made by a South Korean game development company known as CR Space. The game is set in an ancient Oriental world with a Martial Arts theme. It was first released globally in 2004 with the server known as Karma, and closed in October of 2010 after going through a merger with the European server known as Pandora. The game still lives on in the Korean version known as D.O Online but is difficult, and illegal  for people outside of the country to play as a Korean social security number is required for registration.

More information can be found at

Here at BrightMH, we've taken the initiative to create a fully working server based on Pandora with all it's features intact, just the way they once were.

Information on beta testing and release dates will be posted when they are available.

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