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Bow Assassin could not learn skill???
Hi guys, I just started a new character this morning (bow assassin). Reached 29lvl, bought 24lvl skill book to learn both my basic sub skill (Strong eyesight) and attack skill, I right clicked it but it doesn't allow me to learn, ''Your position is not suitable for this equipment'' kept poping up. Why? It is so weird I have never encounter this before. Thanks.
Hey man,
You have to do a specific quest.
It is a level 12 quest in Valley Village (VV), you have to speake to Master Assassin for your character.

It'll take you about 5 min or less if you know where are the mobs (next to Ruined Village).

Have fun with the grind Wink

Also, at lvl 36 you'll have to choose a faction (Lawful or Evil) but you'll discover it later.

I hope it'll velo you with your issue.

Best regards,
Archange, Warrior Spear lvl 110, Lawful, Revenant Tae Master,
BeautéFatale, Assassin Bow lvl 113, Evil, Les-Guardiens,
Merlin, Mage Fan lvl 145, Lawful, Les-Guardiens
SpecialForces, Monk Wheel lvl 110, Lawful,
DeathClaws, Assassin Gauntlets lvl 144, Lawful, Les-Guardiens Dang Master Smile
ahhhhh i forget bout the quest no wonder hahahahhaha

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