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hello old mh friends
hello to all old mh friends if you know me or my sin hohoho kekeke.
GENSephiroth 166 mage (active) BMH
Van 108 mage (active) BMH
Weedka 8x monk (active) BMH
Commandos 13x war (sold) original MH (server 1st 100 war)
Vangard 99 mage (sold) original MH (server 1st 99 mage)
GENSephiroth 108 war (retired) original MH
MagicalDueChe 8x mage (retired) original MH
HeartlessONE 8x sin (retired) original MH
PlayerP3 147 sin (retired) original MH (server 1st 100 sin)

Original MH Student(s): Fiang, FiangJr, Fearlessone, TheAsian, JanetLee, DarkSheik, DragonASS, SmokeDOG, Beatrix.
The one and only...
If you are the real Comm. Please answer the following questions:

Why didn't you mention EvilHunter?
What class was EvilHunter?
What special event did EvilHunter win?
What was EvilHunter the first character in MH to do?

Even then i probably wont believe you are the real cac.

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