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Wrong usage of 3 Days Bead
Hello. Few days ago I camed back to play MH hard. I created a new hero which is monk (nick: Zatox), bought rc ticket and started farming. I have old mage (nick: Yro) on same acc so I delivered few coins and goods which I had to my new monk. I did some big mistake. I used this 3 days bead on my mage instead of monk. I thought that every created hero gets that, but this counts 1 for each account. I have long weekend for farming and this bead can be used very well in RC with my monk. Can somebody fix that for me please ? This is completely useless on my mage and I dont want this there.. This is non tradable as well .. Please help me, thanks.

And sorry for my bad english, I hope its communicative.
this bead was sent as a gift from bmh to characters that were created at the time

nfortunately you will not get a new one
Is there any exception ? I just want to deliver this from mage to monk

I dont want to be extra gifted, just deliver this for my main hero ..
U cant

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