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Hello guys, im here to sell some stuff for currency such as MHP, goodies, gold in that order.

PM later in discord DubiousIndividual if you are interested in any of these items stated below:

S> FULL Kiji C M, K, A (black), 2X Kiji C Cap M, 1x K, 1x A, Shoes x1 K, x1 A ,  Brac 1x A, 1x M

WOL GUN Bow +4, WOL GUN Lance +5

48 set x2, 60 set x2 , 96 set x1, 120 set x2, set 108 tab, set 96 tab, set 84 tab, 

+13 beads STR, CRIT, DEF, +13 beads mixed ATK/CRIT, CRIT/DEF, ATK, DEF, +20 beads STR/DEF, STR,CRIT,CRIT/ATK, 

144 S tabs, 144 S bags, 132 S tabs, 132 S bags, 120 S tabs, all kind of tabs and bags lvl 48-108, 

+11 set monk 132-142, Set 100-106+9/10 Assassin, 110+12 Armor K, 122+11 Armor K, 128+10 Pants K, 129+10 Ring x2 K

Fame sets 20k Evil and Lawful, Set manuals 10 days, Kijinbo J 7 days manuals, SSC, SSO, Green ups x1000, red ups x200, blue ups x100

 SAP L,, Kiji J manuals

Catalysts, Jade.
Updated and added more items
set 96 wanna trade for sam stones?
(02-15-2019, 10:39 PM)kamisku Wrote: set 96 wanna trade for sam stones?

Depending on the offer, I might be interested
how much you want for this set? 3x?
Pm me on discord Zell42O (last is an "o")
I dont have it. Bowl is nickname in game pm me if you want
When you are ingame pm me! SinEnergy
Hey do you still have any of this I know the post is old so ;/
Still have any of these items?

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