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Time to change
Hey I'm new here. I played 3 days and I even dont sow a GMH what is point to be GAME MASTER if you are even dont log in.  I sow in game PPL who are online all the time and can't apply for GMH. I'm online from 8 to 17 i can buff PPL in evening if need  but i can't even apply because someone take a place and don't do the job.,, you have 1 job" I know is cool to be GMH but if someone don't play than sorry.
This server need any new changes. New concent or maps. It s still this same. How can we play in this game when we dont have nothing new? There is only boring times. If you play in this hours, I am on YES, that you will give buffs or something new !
With this balance theres no chance to exp without GM Buffs. I think more "buffers" is good idea .
In-game nickname  :

~ Stillah
~ Kagusa
~ Zeref

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