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Would anyone be interested in PLVL ME
I am going to start BMH soon and was curious if anyone of high LVL would be interested in Plvl my character. I would be interested in Plvling to the level where you get the high level potion which changes your attributes and skills. If someone takes the time to get me there i would be more than happy to give that potion over. let me know if you are interested and we can discuss further. =)

Also looking to play with other when i am live in game. Please write your main and we can quest and chill!!!!
What char are you starting
(03-06-2018, 09:11 AM)LESOLEIL Wrote: What char are you starting

Hey lesoleil,

I most likely will start an assassin. What do you think?
I will even sweeten the pot for anyone willing to take the time and PLVL me. I can pay in crypto. I use Binance but can send to any wallet. we could talk about the pricing if you are interested.

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