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[News] BrightMH #Sweet holidays
[Image: vp2.png]

Hey fellas! ;] It's been a while, since we've posted any news. Since then, we haven't made too much progress - we all needed a little bit of rest. But yeah, summer holidays are already ending, and autumn should bring us something brilliant. Smile

Recently, we were mostly playing with implementing a fully working API, that'd be able to handle some external Martial Heroes things like game modifications. Here's a small taste of what this configuration file can do.

[Image: vp2.2.png]

That said, we're also still working on the server stability and graphical enhancements. A few screenshots from our member; Karsten:

[Image: IMG_04082015_171948_zps45crbko2.png]

[Image: IMG_04082015_203648_zpslhb2st1f.png]

[Image: IMG_06082015_022326_zps1vviyxjp.png]

Also I would like to say thanks to Martial Heroes Support, here's a video showing you a few quests finished by him on our server:

Well fellas, that's everything for now. King Regards. Wink

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