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About bosses
There is any guide/graphic about the location of all the low level bosses? o.o
Mike "VaGo" M.

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in my memory Smile
in guryong village is a bossTongue
[Image: Scrubs-1419858536.gif]
Lvl 18 boss hwangyang(whatever his name is) spawns in multiple spots west/southwest from Ruined Village mine.
Lvl 28 boss Ilsin spawns on 4-6 different locations in upper Bokho temple area nearby lvl 25-27 monsters.
Lvl 36 boss Ox should spawn in the area north of Deep Cave area (originally), though it seems very rare.
Lvl 40 boss Fire/Blue Ox, spawns in multiple spots near the end area of Guryoung zone nearby the portal to OC map.
Lvl 51/52 boss Wolf, spawns in multiple areas in Graveyard maps, 1 wolf on each level.
Lvl 52 boss Scorpion, spawns north of OC multiple spots.
Lvl 60 boss Black Ox, spawns in Dungeon of Sunghwa map somewhere.
Lvl 75 boss Asura, spawns in Ancient Tomb lvl 1 multiple places.
Lvl 88 boss Killerbird, spawns in the area with other killerbirds in Ancient Tomb level 2, possibly 3 different spots.
Lvl 91/93 bosses, W.Mon/White She-Ghost spawns at end of Ancient Tomb level 2.
Lvl 105 boss, DL Snake spawns multiple locations on the southern continent of Deadland.
Lvl 125 boss, Temple 1 fake outside the Southern temple, and 1 Real inside the southern temple in Tibet.
Lvl 125/127 boss, Snakearm spawns in Ancient Tomb lvl 3 somewhere.
Lvl 125 boss, Hammer spawns somewhere between Fort wilderness and Garden of Heaven.
Lvl 130 boss, Hammer spawns beyond and outside Bloody Castle.
Lvl 130 boss, Shedemon spawns somewhere in Ancient Tomb level 3.
Lvl 140 boss, DL Snake spawns inside Bloody Castle.

note 1: many of these bosses also spawns in RC, MC, PC as well.
note 2: These were originally spawn points on both old karma and pandora.

if others has further details. add them.

-Regards Radament.
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I'll take my time to make a complete boss guide but that's going to take some time
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Lev75 Asura - Spawns at any of the "dead ends" beyond the rest spot, and multiple Asuras can be up at once.
Agree with what you said!!!
It's already written down in this thread

This will give you a general view of where they spawn.

Only the DL bosses (lvl105) are missing i suppose.
But they (3-4) spawn near the 84 scorpions at the end.

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