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Game Optimizations
1) Make PVP exclusively without warfare pots/tags.

I believe this change will make PVP more appealing , therefore improving the balance between each class to utilize their strengths and have other classes exploit their weaknesses more efficiently.

2) Remove Attack , Defense and HP buffs from GM Pots

Main target of this change is to force people go back to 144 Super Buffs , thus forcing players to carefully select their skill setup both for PVP and PVE.

3) Reduce the Guild's Member capacity to 5

With the player base reduced to the current state , there are only couple of guilds where most of the players have decided to unite. This change potentially improves competition between the guilds during GW Event and forces players to go up against more guilds at the same time.

4) Introduce free PK Zones for maps 130 or above (Does not apply for the members of the same guild or with guilds in alliance)

Naturally improves the chance of PVP Battles and makes PVE more competetive

5) Introduce limits to buffs and pots ( 8 buffs and 10 pots can be active at the same time )

Forces players to carefully select their buffs and pots specific to their PVP or PVE needs and helps characters take full advantage of their strengths.

6) Introduce Special Levels - Additional Skill Point/Attribute Point boost upon reaching certain milestones

Buffs players upon reaching a level milestone:

1st Bonus - Level 100 - Skill Point Bonus 30 / Attribute Point Bonus 30
2nd Bonus - Level 144 - Skill Point Bonus 40 / Attribute Point Bonus 40
3rd Bonus - Level 152 - Skill Point Bonus 50 / Attribute Point Bonus 50

7) Bonus drop rate for low level characters

Rewards players for creating lower level characters specifically for farming. Bonus 1,5x or 2x for players under level 60

edit: Introduce CNY Droprate Firecrackers for lower levels

36-60 3x
60-84 2x
84-96 1,5x

8) Introduce KAO Free for GAK Members only (Killing will not result in a KAO penalty)

Since Contract Killing is bugged , I suggest KAO Free idea for GAK members. Players who create lower level characters for PVE will greatly benefit from this notion.

9) Buff Save in PVP

Make buff loss upon death only in PVE or through PK.
Ban this guy.
most of these are just pointless
what the actual fuck?
Point 1 No pots would change almost nothing other than people not being able to kill each other especially if you're taking 170+ with 3k hp/mana into consideration which already is quite difficult, its the whole damage calculation system that would need a rework as well as logic behind attack success rate or critical hit damage
Point 2 There should be no buff pots in general, right now its good to somewhat fix inflation
Point 3 is just ridiculous, there are plenty of players that make a break and actually didn't quit for good.
Point 4 could relate to having non PK map with less rewarding drop and PK zone with more rewarding drop (due to risk)
Point 5 We already have max 18 buffs and pots limit
Point 6 Not sure what that would change/help/improve
Point 7 Encouragement for bots
Point 8 Neither of the guilds have their proper benefits, GAK for instance if im not mistaken shouldn't be able to claim stone
Could only agree with point #2, but there's already replaced from 'original' gm buffs so... that's probably not gonna happen at all.
All other points im not even gonna comment.

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