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Game doesn't start
I downloaded the game, installed it the right way etc etc.
I've been over a week struggling to make it start and idk what to do anymore, tried so many stuff.
Launcher starts fine, when i press START, the launcher dissapears, a little loading it says and then nothing is happening..
Anti virus, windows defender etc all are off. got the right C++ etc aswell.
Anti virus logs has been cleared to. Gave premission to BMH.exe to.
It all just seems like not to work, so maybe someone on the forum can help me any further? got a new game pc so it should be good to run tho Tongue

Thanks. Huh
It is windows defender. To prove it to yourself fully turn it off
Cannot start process: L'opération a réussi. i can't play. Help me please.
i can too start the game its workin gormal but today i cant start this game can some1 help me plz??

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