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Sell my account Warrior level 149 with a lot of items
Big Grin 
I'm leaving the game and selling my level 149 warrior account with all the items i can sell the items separatly too.
This account include : 
Full dok gun +7 set
Many Wol +7 set part
Full kiji c set with weapon
5.1k GO
Off/crit bead + 40/ Defensive/Strength bead +40
Many more rare item(Sbs,ssw,S dual rites deer, all the buffs * a lot etc. check the youtube link to see everything)
A lot of rare item here is the video of everything on the account :

If you need more info contact me here or pm : 

Discord : RAGE#8094
Mail :

I can sell the items separatly from the account if needed.
Account sold

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