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Multi box for broke boys.
Hello ! Well the Subject talk to itself !
It shouldn't be that hard to allow at least i don't know ... the possibility to open 1 or 2 more game windows ?
Probably you guys already have the file that allows it ... If yes can i have it ?

If not, could it be possible to think about ? Cause people don't have necessarily multiple computer, or even like me a computer powerfull enough to simulate 2 independant core to open the game.

or some dunno how to.

tho i didn't check the forum before posting that, maybe someone already shared the file ! will check.

So i know, we can talk about the problem of multiboxing where people will full bot, or other thing.
wich is kinda true.
But ... dunno. we are like 10 active players ?

and it start to be annoying that i can't level up cause i am looking my char fishing T.T

thanks to consider.
ty karakan

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