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Suggestions for Devs
New items in Martial Heroes Market, even some unique highly priced items.
Increased reward system for donating such as a higher EXP% than the 400 cap and for the player who donates the highest amount within a 30 day period to have a Statue in Valley Village.
As well as possibly a monthly VIP membership which additional perks for those whom donate.
Reward's for the more MHP.

Permanent Bears and Dragons, 30 day version of the dragon as well.

As a coder myself i know coding takes a lot of work and time so for communication and polls for future content as well as a funding panel for players to contribute into the new content

Open GMH Applications to allow active players whom are on every day to have a chance to apply.

Reward's for referring new players from Separate whom reach a certain level such as 144 (punishments for those who try and scam system of course)

Advertisement events such as video events and artistic events.

I am willing to keep putting cash into this game but players really need something to drive them to keep going as well. I know it is not the top priority on your mind but you have the skills to make this server community too boom once more.

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