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Make it a fun server
Can you make the server 5 times or 10 times more exp? The current exp is too hard, too much grinding take the fun out of the game.

Make upgrades and set drop 10 times more? The server current upgrades and sets is too hard to find.
Go on Korean server mate...
It's easy to level up fast here.
No need to increase drop rate, on a good day, you can drop multiple high level gear that you can sell back to buy the stuff you need or buy component to product it.
Archange, Warrior Spear lvl 110, Lawful, Revenant Tae Master,
BeautéFatale, Assassin Bow lvl 113, Evil, Les-Guardiens,
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SpecialForces, Monk Wheel lvl 110, Lawful,
DeathClaws, Assassin Gauntlets lvl 144, Lawful, Les-Guardiens Dang Master Smile
If this is a grinding server for exp then I'll quit.

The fact is the game is basically dead. There is no going back to the way of Karma or Pandora server. There just isn't enough people playing the game. Martial Heroes is an old game and the newer generations doesn't want to sit in front of the computer all day and grind hardcore exp or hunt boss with rare chance of drops. Many people today are looking for a fun escape where they can play the game quickly such as mobile games or quick match such as Fortnite or Call of Duty.

Older games mainly attract older people who experienced the game before and because of nostalgia want to relive those good experiences. Many of those older people also have a life outside of Martial Heroes and now just want to have fun. Grinding for exp and hunting boss with extremely rare drop rate took the fun away.

Priston Tale is an older game than Martial Heroes, but still have more player than BrightMH because they make it fun. Let me explain. Subagames is the main Priston Tale server, that server has roughly 20 active players in game at any moment. Priston Tale also has a lot of private server. If all those player add together in one server then the active players is about the same as Pandora when active.

The reason people still play Priston Tale is because of events. They have mini boss event, titans event, aging event, watermelon event, reduce cash shop event, 4x exp event, ect.

Without event, I'm sure pretty sure people would stop playing Priston Tale.

I strongly believe that if Martial Heroes are going to attract players, they need events to make the game more fun. Grinding exp and hard boss drops of set and upgrade materials is not making the game fun.

Because I sure don't feel like it's fun with the current server. Even for nostalgia is like work, and I mean hard work.
This is such nonsense, leveling is easy nowadays, some people get to 152 in 2 weeks. Leveling is part of the experience, if you don't want to level, go buy an account? Get yourself an experience buff, a double exp tag and a bgjt and you'll be high level in no time.
My guy said mobile games and fortnite IM DONE LMAO
Donate for 45$ and you got your fun server with 400% exp buff
kolega ma racje komu sie chce expi, nie kazdy chce wydawac kase na gry, a wiecej osob to wieksza zabawa no poradnik, nie wiadomo co doczego jest a uzyskac jakas pomoc jako nowy od graczy graniczy z cudem bo gracze maja swoj swiat ze soba

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