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New impulse?
Hi, here's my few suggestions about current gameplay.

- First of all i really like this new map but it need some small changes. Let's start with finally release Vivianne boss, cause it's kinda empty place without boss (every area has bosses in this game, except this one).
- Second i'd like to see some changes with 3rd and 4th map. My suggestion is to change the req lvls of all teleports for example like this: 144,148,152,156 and change the exp rewards, cause all mobs gives similar exp (like SZ before update).

Sky Zone:
- Since new map came out, there's no point to do boss run (bosses gives exp equal to LSD's starmob) or go to Yongdo to get lvl (mobs are tough and spread out and also gives similar exp to LSD map), so my idea is to make SZ's bosses more rewarding in drop. For example 164's would drop random TAE set L-J item, 170's drop UI set L-J item, 176's Dokgo L-J item and 180's would drop Wolk L-J item.

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