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Manuals Ingredients [Suggestion]
Here is a suggestion -  There is a lot of manuals (A-Up/ACC-Up/W-Up) drops from bosses. These manual are typically pretty useless if you don't have the ingredient to craft the material. These ingredients are typical acquired through mining and herbing production but the rate of getting them are pretty low. 

1. Would it be possible to allow either star mobs or regular mobs to drop these ingredients?
2. Would it be possible to increase the production rate or value of these ingredients? so that we can get more from production.

A. Tiger-Skin (yellow)
B. Silver-Gold
C. Ice-Crystal
With higher chance of dropping these ingredient would help utilized the manuals more efficient. Yes, I know and understand that the actual materials such as Armor-Up/Acc-Up Mano and Weapon Upgrade already have a high chance of dropping and that's why it make it obsolete to have these manual drops from boss.
We lack Black Chocolate too on this event. One of the most useful items. How am I supposed to heal mysefl now!?

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