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Which Martial Heroes EU players are still around?

Come here for a bit of a nostalgia trip, played MH obsessively between 06-10 and was wondering if any of ex-players are around around, I went by a few names but most would know me as Buffmonki. Would be keen to start casually playing if there are a few familiar faces around. 
(Also it feels crazy I've aged ~10 years since I last played O.O)

See you IG!

Also help a noob out, can't log in xD
Says invalid password each time? I'm using the same details used to log in to this forum

I went under a few names. GMH@Soji was my main one iirc!
Thanks guys, anyone know how to fix the problem logging in?
Keeps saying invalid password, all I've done is download the client but I have a suspicion it's not that simple with this version of MH (any patches involved?)

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