Poll: Would you like a better description of events?
Yes - more details of drops and better info
No - part of the fun is working it out for myself
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Better description of events
First of all I am very grateful to the GM and coders for bringing back this amazing game Smile

For people like me that don’t have a great deal of time to play I believe it would be useful if a better description of the events was included on the announcement. For instance:
- Farming event: Collect Santa seals which will be counted at end of event. Top 3 get prizes.
- Exp and fame event: x4 fame and x2 exp
- Farming event: EMH Tickets, gift boxes (along with drop lists)

Maybe some people prefer to work it out from the riddles created by a stoned GM (no offence I get high too)

Either way what are everyone’s feelings? Please also vote on the poll attached, thanks ?

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