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[Update] [2016-09-28] Server Patch
Hello. A few adnotations about last patch. Fixed things: - mage's books, - lack of translation, - lack of translation v2, - packet length wrong value.

Also from additional notes. We've fixed a few of the normal game abilities.

Hiding Skills for Assassins (Lvl 2/4) - will hide since now.
The announce delay (pretty much known when you see announce for the first time) is fixed now.
Poisons parsed on mobs are now decreasing their health properly.
Mob drops should be placed on the death mob's place, without any exception.
Shrinked another packets; you won't receive each 4 second packet, if you're fully healed already.

That's pretty much everything now.

Kind Regards.

[2016-10-03] Patch.


Fury circle is now switched, after fully loading it.
Jade manual now gives 10 jades for SSC/SSO & 30 jades for SSW.

I report it to Gaga : Buddong don't work :/

144 and king buddong for K :/

Archange, Warrior Spear lvl 110, Lawful, Revenant Tae Master,
BeautéFatale, Assassin Bow lvl 113, Evil, Les-Guardiens,
Merlin, Mage Fan lvl 145, Lawful, Les-Guardiens
SpecialForces, Monk Wheel lvl 110, Lawful,
DeathClaws, Assassin Gauntlets lvl 144, Lawful, Les-Guardiens Dang Master Smile
After  Update when i log in sometimes can't use skills at all and server keep disconnecting me :/

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