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[Update] Late Spring Update
[Image: 9QQVksW.png]

Hello! We're providing a so called "Late Spring" update!

Things added/removed/patched:

- MHP Tokens removed from the Market Shop,
- GM Buffs removed,
- Added buff manuals at Money Exchanger NPC,
- SkyZone (945 GO) & LSD (1260 GO) manuals added,
- Big Size potion (10.000 GO Tradeable) added,
- Super Small Size (20.000 GO Tradeable) added,
- Stronger Warfare Pots added in NPC Manuals,
- Level Requirements for 1.000 and 2.000 HP/Mana pots changed,
- Market new item - Vengance set (V),
- Market new item - All Day Hero Set,
- Medicine Manual added as drop in 156 Lost Soul Dimension map)
- Vivienne boss added in 156 Lost Soul Dimension Map,
- Lost Soul Dimension gold drop changed from 999 Silver to 200,
- Bunch of items added to Market Shop.

More to come! Wish you great rest of Spring!

Kind Regards,
The BMH Team
Finally u removed mhp tokens.. But i think its to late
Cool stuff
True, we are now overload with everything cause players grinded everything. Think only new set can revive market and make gold true and only in game value, so lets wait and see

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