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[Update] Lost Soul Dimension
[Image: vp5.jpg]

Greetings Heroes!

It was a chilly afternoon, when something big has happened. 

Light coming out of no where, which was so bright that illuminated an entire world of the Martial Heroes. Fighters who were first to see it, ran to check out what's happening. What came out? The whole area of the Red Castle was shaking, and the light was coming somewhere from inside of the castle. After several minutes of this occurrence, the light disappeared, and the brave fighters moved on. Whenever they reached the castle, they lost their eyesight. After a few seconds they heard a bell, and they could already see.

What they saw? The dark copy of the castle they been in.

After a while of exploration, they noticed a legendary drunkard. It turned out, he got there by trying to escape from an apocalypse that was supposed to happen ages ago. He called this place a "Lost Soul Dimension". But what was supposed to cause the apocalypse?

Legend has it, that it was a mysterious woman. Vengeful of the revenge been travelling the Tibet Deserts. Her name was Vivianne.

#July 10, 2019:

General addons:

- New 144+ map ~ Lost Soul Dimension,
- new 144+ set upgrades,
- new potions,
- new mobs,
- new exp rates.


- CNY Fame Firework works fine now,
- bug with buffing around the safe zone has been fixed.

#July 11, 2019:

Additional addon to the yesterday's update:

- members of DAN Guild, have 5% damage bonus now,
- mobs at the Lost Soul Dimension have been nerfed,
- Dokgo skills mana cost has been decreased,
- price of the Pink-Medicine has been decreased down to 500 MHP, everyone who bought it for yesterday's price, will be refunded.

Event where you could farm the 3D Lost Soul Dimensions Ticket starts on July 11, 2019, 8:00 PM (CEST).

Kind Regards,
The BMH Team.
All this is great, thank you guys for keep on going, much love<3
Good time for back playing active^^

Good job
Nice job guys!
[Image: Scrubs-1419858536.gif]
Hello could sb make a ss to show how it look like or meaby video?

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