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Yet Another Late Spring Update
[Image: 9QQVksW.png]

Greetings Heroes!

Hello! It's been a year, the update is here. A day late and a dollar short.
Do you think it was worth the wait and did it over deliver on expectations?
Download the new Game Client and explore vast new horizons laid before you.

        Fictitious Land Map (+5% exp bonus per party member)
        Fresh Fashions
        Weather System
        Revenge Battle (daily 8pm CEST)
        Tax Stones
        ...and much much more for you to explore.

         Ice Breaking: additional materials
         Class Change: tradable
         Summon Skill: damage
         Harvesting: requires certificate
         Tomb Mobs: increased spawn rates
         LSD Mobs: stats and tables
         Buddong: canceled on attacking
         Faster Game Loading
         Instant game exit

        Antivirus false positives
        12Rare Manual W Box (1D)
        Mana resetting to zero
        Golden Buffs (I)

Guild Wars: Every 2 weeks starting Saturday June 11th 8pm CEST
        Winning guilds receive +2% exp buff per stone

Faction War: Every 3 weeks starting Wednesday June 15th 8pm CEST
        Winning faction receive +7.5% exp buff

Tax Stones:
        Winning guilds receive +2% exp buff per stone, max +5% for 3 or more stones

Kind Regards,
The BMH Team
Thanks, launcher ignores display settings. It only opens windowed move with wrong resolution Smile

My bad, needed to run as administrator

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