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Sell 149lvl account
Sell account with

149 mage
61 sin
112 warrior
92 monk
68 monk

On chars u can find 

8p 45x GAM, 32x TAE, 174x LEE, 18x JIN, 37x GAN,  46x GON, 30x SUN, 44x GUN
deunghoo potion N 2x, weodam potion  7x, FAD potion 7x, bakegyeung potion  14x, beerung 5x, FDD S 7x,
bakewo 10x, deungho 6x, bgjt 7x, banno 10x, 5x exp tag c, SAP 3x
8x Samstones, 5x KIJI C JA, 4x kiji c shoes, 3x kiji cap 1x full kiji c K
set 60lv, mage parts items 12x +12 and 13x parts +12, bead +20 str/crit

149lvl mage got ui set J +7
Cap, neck, bra, cape  GAM
Rings GON
all the rest GUN
is also found much a lot of low value items: jades, event items, pieces, set rings, set tab etc i dont remember all

Account got 2.5k MHP left
Pm and offer only in $ / euro
50 Euro

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