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That game is too easy
I dont understand what you did with that game.
One question.
Why if i have 30lvl i can easy kill fix alone ( yes that 130lvl mob in tibet)
With 30lvl?! wtf mobs have any def? or all mobs got 0 def?
The game is for fun. It is in Open Beta testing. Things are still being tuned. That's the point of OBT. If you find a bug or something you think is not correct fill out a bug report. Don't just bash something you do not have the comprehension to understand the complexity of. Can I have the link to your perfectly balanced server?
i can hit fix(130) even if i have 24lvl go fix it guys
(all mobs have 0def) no one see that?
Wrong answer. Mobs have def. Infact lvl 130 Fixed Monster K has 154 def. You get no prize. Thanks for playing.
i can get 60lvl in 30minuts of playing....
Where is the sense of first 100quests?

Here i reported
hope its bug
(all of you see that but no one reports beacuse u want to get big lvl fast)
Thank you for reporting and being a part of the solution. We all want a fair and balanced game. Obviously damage and drops still need balanced. Part of the reason you can level so fast is because at the end of Pandoras life cycle they wanted the new players to be able to catch up to the older players. That's is why pots and gjts and tags were added to new characters. Since the games data is based on the last version of Pandora you have these advantages. Thank you for your contribution.
Well it will ruin this game
50% quests will just go to trash
and quests are fun in this game

We loved that game beacuse it was HARD :Smile  
Hope you will change decision about "easy way"

I heard there will be no any Wipe. And game will be always on OBT.
Or meaby its not true and after OBT there will be WIPE?
I am not the developer and would not be privy to such information. It is in OBT to work out the issues.
Hope developer will give us that information beacuse we arleady can do donations
Stop crying if you can lvl up to lvl 100 in a day. Do it, and then you will be stuck without set, weapon or anything valuable.
I asure you that after lvl 100 it isn't that easy.
Dmg formula is far from perfect and it is still being worked on, but it's light years ahead from GMH/FMH crappy code.
Got questions? Need to talk to BMH staff?
There is always someone online on:
Bright Martial Heroes Discord server

[Image: giphy.gif]
[Image: 99603959-0d1f-4cf7-9ba7-24529aca3c3b.gif]
You've already asked me this question twice - and I've responsed it with the same count. It's only OBT, and such details are on the end of the way. @Locking.

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