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Full Version: DOKGO Set (M)
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Hello I am selling a full +7 DOKGO Set with the following pieces:

Wep GUN +7

Neck GUN +7
Brac GUN +7
Ring 1 GUN +7
Ring 2 GUN +7
Cape GAM +7
Cap GAM +7
Shoes GUN +7
Pants GAM +7
Jacket GUN +7
Armor GUN +7

With spare GAM +7 Ring , GON+0 Ring and GON+7 Cape

Offer in Euros, Mhp or Wolk set
12k mhp
Can I offer in Shekels?
Both offers are denied since both are nonsense
5x uśmiech bombelka
I'm sorry but no
100x Eunyounbu
All want but no one wants to offer
80 Euros