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Always lagging and crashing
I see many people have had this problem.... I've updated my drivers, reinstalled, lowered graphics....I'm running on windows 10. I have a friend who doesn't lag like myself but still can't keep the game running for more then a few hours.(also on windows 10). Any suggestions?
It is most unfortunate that this is happening. Too bad not many people participated in OBT. Perhaps the issue could of been found earlier. These kinds of bugs can be hell to find.
Yea I came back a couple days before wipe :/ didn't even know about CBT or OBT

This just isn't today tho...been happening consistently since my return.... Just figured I'd try to get it figured out
same problem... when I'm starting the game everytime, I have 4-6 crashes in 10 minutes.... It is frustrating.
Later crashes are rarer, but still are! I have windows 10 64 bit.

[Image: 47501_445611375482338_733302061_n.jpg?oh...e=58A651C1]

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