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i LOST MY ~1.2KG GOLD IN EQ, 7X FAD FASR, 7X FDD FASR, 4X BGJT 6X TAGS C. HELP ME! Someone hacked my account! IGOR HELP ME BRO
AND I LOST 300mhp AND 102+9 BOW, 96 LVL BAG(HP+CRIT), 95+9 simi ant other items 48+5 ROD, 22 karmas, around 60 jades and sbs
My nickname: Mateusz
Bump. GM help Sad
jesli grales na poprzednich serwerach i uzywales tego samego hasla. to...
  [Image: w8ky6w.jpg]
Always create new password man.. lolz
[Image: giphy.gif]
[Image: arELU3.gif]
GM help..
Using same password like on other ripoff MH servers is not a hack, it's called being careless.
Got questions? Need to talk to BMH staff?
There is always someone online on:
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