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Boss Locations (Maps)
(12-28-2016, 03:56 PM)Pericol Wrote:
(12-28-2016, 09:35 AM)Shockwave Wrote:
(12-27-2016, 11:48 PM)Pericol Wrote: Are you sure the lvl 28 boss drops kiji c ? I killed like 100 with a noob char, and all i got is +2 crappy items. And also on the old servers never got anything from bosses below lvl 51.

On Pandora I used to create noob chars to hunt lvl 28 bosses on purpose . Thanks to those midgets I farmed 5x kiji C Pa

how many you killed? every time i log in I farm those bosses.. usually i find like 5 of them and really killed a lot.. and no kiji drop so far
and with gjt on (ofc the starters items Big Grin)

I can't be certain but I didn't say that I killed 5 bosses and got 5 Pa's xD It took quite a while of farming
[Image: giphy.gif]
Can Confirm, got a pair today on my afk-harvester. apparently RNGesus just needs to be strong with you
Garona 110 +9 CritBowSin
OverfedLeeSin Upgrader
FarmerJohn  Farmer. Who's name is John.
Siniroth the reincarnating BF Farmer
??????? The unknown toon.
48 set neck from 60 Black Ox
Somehow tibet has been forgotten ..
i found this .. that shows the tibet bosses locations also

[Image: PxxkTWL.jpg]
[Image: 46d90a23a6814c1c8a5e1b7cd951c394.jpg]     [Image: 4c576393ce5098353a1311c32a5bf4ec.jpg]
IGN: Fan4Fun
Class: Fan Mage => Bow Assassin
Pff deadvalley above sungwha village? Don't you mean dungeon? it's not listed on map and no entrances found anywhere, instructions UNCLEAR
No it means village. There's a path that leads north into the maze
Let me give my opinion about recent drop rate from boss :
what I killed and what i got, (for science) 
Item used: beginner GJT

101x Level18: drop (craps +2,+3)

99x Level28: drop (craps +2)

40x Level40: drop (craps +2)

5x  Level51 Dogs: (coins..)
6x Level51 Scorpions: (2x ups, some ups books)

6x  Level60 Dogs: (1x jade)

114x Level60 Ox: drop (11x lv48 set rings, 5x lv48 set bra, 5x jades, 2x sso, 2x ssc, 1x ssw, 12x ups, some up books)

71x Level75: drop (4x lv60 set rings, 2x lv60 set bra, 10x jades, 1x sso, 2x ssw, 8x ups, some up books)

11x Level81 (include RC): (1x lv60 set ring, 1x jade, 1x up)

7x Level88 (include RC): (some up books, coins.. )

13x Level91 and
13x Level93 (include RC): (1x lv72set rings, 6x jades, 1x ssc, 1x sso, 3x ups, up books)

10x Level105 (only RC/MC): (1x jade)

11x Level125 Lezards (include RC/MC): (1x lv120 set ring, 3x jades, 2x ups, some up books)
17x Level125 Snakes (include RC/MC): (1x lv120 set ring, 1x jades,1x ssc, 4x ups, some up books)

11x Level127 Snakes (include RC/MC): (1x lv120 set ring, 2x jades,1x sso, 1x ups)

5x Level130 (include RC/MC): (1x jade, 2x ups)

2x Level135 (include RC): (1x jade)

2x Level146 (only MC): (coins..)

554x boss slayed for 27x set items (0 neck). 
Now if i count only lv60+ boss, 303 boss slayed for 0x kiji c items.

This is the server that i killed the most boss and also got the most craps  in my entire life.

Lost fate and return back to the void.

Sayonara  Angel Angel Angel
127 boss drops kiji C Br
125 boss drops kiji C Ja
91/93 drops kiji C Br
105 drops kiji C Shoes

what is the spawn time on the bosses?

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