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Boss Locations (Maps)
(12-28-2016, 03:56 PM)Pericol Wrote:
(12-28-2016, 09:35 AM)Shockwave Wrote:
(12-27-2016, 11:48 PM)Pericol Wrote: Are you sure the lvl 28 boss drops kiji c ? I killed like 100 with a noob char, and all i got is +2 crappy items. And also on the old servers never got anything from bosses below lvl 51.

On Pandora I used to create noob chars to hunt lvl 28 bosses on purpose . Thanks to those midgets I farmed 5x kiji C Pa

how many you killed? every time i log in I farm those bosses.. usually i find like 5 of them and really killed a lot.. and no kiji drop so far
and with gjt on (ofc the starters items Big Grin)

I can't be certain but I didn't say that I killed 5 bosses and got 5 Pa's xD It took quite a while of farming
[Image: giphy.gif]
Can Confirm, got a pair today on my afk-harvester. apparently RNGesus just needs to be strong with you
Garona CritBowSin
OverfedLeeSin Upgrader.
48 set neck from 60 Black Ox
IG: Astral
Somehow tibet has been forgotten ..
i found this .. that shows the tibet bosses locations also

[Image: PxxkTWL.jpg]
[Image: 46d90a23a6814c1c8a5e1b7cd951c394.jpg]     [Image: 4c576393ce5098353a1311c32a5bf4ec.jpg]
IGN: Fan4Fun
Class: Fan Mage => Bow Assassin
Pff deadvalley above sungwha village? Don't you mean dungeon? it's not listed on map and no entrances found anywhere, instructions UNCLEAR
No it means village. There's a path that leads north into the maze
Let me give my opinion about recent drop rate from boss :
what I killed and what i got, (for science) 
Item used: beginner GJT

101x Level18: drop (craps +2,+3)

99x Level28: drop (craps +2)

40x Level40: drop (craps +2)

5x  Level51 Dogs: (coins..)
6x Level51 Scorpions: (2x ups, some ups books)

6x  Level60 Dogs: (1x jade)

114x Level60 Ox: drop (11x lv48 set rings, 5x lv48 set bra, 5x jades, 2x sso, 2x ssc, 1x ssw, 12x ups, some up books)

71x Level75: drop (4x lv60 set rings, 2x lv60 set bra, 10x jades, 1x sso, 2x ssw, 8x ups, some up books)

11x Level81 (include RC): (1x lv60 set ring, 1x jade, 1x up)

7x Level88 (include RC): (some up books, coins.. )

13x Level91 and
13x Level93 (include RC): (1x lv72set rings, 6x jades, 1x ssc, 1x sso, 3x ups, up books)

10x Level105 (only RC/MC): (1x jade)

11x Level125 Lezards (include RC/MC): (1x lv120 set ring, 3x jades, 2x ups, some up books)
17x Level125 Snakes (include RC/MC): (1x lv120 set ring, 1x jades,1x ssc, 4x ups, some up books)

11x Level127 Snakes (include RC/MC): (1x lv120 set ring, 2x jades,1x sso, 1x ups)

5x Level130 (include RC/MC): (1x jade, 2x ups)

2x Level135 (include RC): (1x jade)

2x Level146 (only MC): (coins..)

554x boss slayed for 27x set items (0 neck). 
Now if i count only lv60+ boss, 303 boss slayed for 0x kiji c items.

This is the server that i killed the most boss and also got the most craps  in my entire life.

Lost fate and return back to the void.

Sayonara  Angel Angel Angel
127 boss drops kiji C Br
125 boss drops kiji C Ja
91/93 drops kiji C Br
105 drops kiji C Shoes

what is the spawn time on the bosses?
Boss Respawn Time is typically 6 hours iirc. give or take some hours
Garona CritBowSin
OverfedLeeSin Upgrader.

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