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General Rules

1. Don't act like a jerk. Everyone is here to play the game they love.

2. Keep your posts in the correct forum.

3. Please respect the staff members. They are here to help make sure you enjoy your time at BrightMH.

4. Donation: something (such as money, food, clothes, etc.) that you give in order to help a person or organization.
Donations are exactly as stated, and as such; donations cannot and will not be refunded. Please come to terms with this before you donate as it will not be argued about.

In-Game Specific Rules

1. Botting is NOT allowed. Botting will result in a 7-day ban for your first offense, 30-day ban for 2nd offense, and permanent ban for your 3rd offense.

2. Cheating is NOT allowed. Cheating will result in a permanent ban.

3. Exploits are NOT allowed. Abuse of exploits and/or failure to report them will result in a 7-day ban followed by a permanent ban.

4. Real money trading (RMT) is NOT allowed. We take no responsibility for real money transactions; if you get scammed it's your problem, not ours.

5. Multi-accounting: No more than 3 connections per IP (and/or per person) are allowed. Any more than this will result in a 3-day ban on all related accounts, including those not shared by the IP.

6. Do NOT ask GMs for gold, items, buffs, size change or anything that is related to the enhancement of your character. First offense will result in a kick from the server. Repeated offenses will result in a 3-day ban.

NOTE: GMs are NOT responsible for any losses related to not securing your account properly. Make sure you change your password at least once a month. Do not download any "hacks" as they're not going to work and are just account stealers. Always make sure to protect your computer with sufficient virus protection and scan your PC regularly. Lastly, we are NOT responsible for any losses due to incurred from "hacking episodes."
Update ~point 7. 2016-12-18 15:23.
Due to certain group of people thinking it is fun to use macro in this game certain changes are being made.

In-Game Specific Rules, rule 1 changes:

1st offense 7-day ban (3-day before)
2nd offense 30-day ban (7-day before)
3rd offense permanent ban

Got questions? Need to talk to BMH staff?
There is always someone online on:
Bright Martial Heroes Discord server

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