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Gold Dragon Quests
Gold Dragon Quests

There are 6 Gold Dragon items and 5 of them you can obtain from 12bf drops. Those 5 are: Gold Dragon's Tooth, Gold Dragon's Horn, Gold Dragon's Scale, Gold Dragon's Toenail and Gold Dragon's Mustache.
In order to make 6th item you will need to buy Youn's memorandum at RC/MC grocer for 500g.
Item is named Hon Dragon Blade and in order to make it you need to put 1 of each 5 previous Gold Dragon's items into Youn's memorandum manual.

All of the quests are pretty easy to complete and they all consist of 2 objectives : 
1. Talk to NPC in VV map or RC rest to get Chooyoung amulet which must be used in RC map.
2. After using amulet you will be warped to Land of Legendary Wizard where you will find NPC to end your quest and get reward

Items give following rewards:

Gold Dragon's Tooth - SSO
Gold Dragon's Horn - SSW
Gold Dragon's Scale - SSC
Gold Dragon's Toenail - Banno potion
Gold Dragon's Mustache - 108 tablet of your choice
Hon Dragon Blade - 137+10 weapon of your choice
Got questions? Need to talk to BMH staff?
There is always someone online on:
Bright Martial Heroes Discord server

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