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Example Guild Mark Upload
The requirements to upload a guild mark:

  1. You must be the master of the guild.
  2. The guild mark must be 23x23 pixels and saved under the GIF or PNG format. No other formats will be accepted.
  3. The guild mark must not already exist. If you wish to use a guild mark previously uploaded on the old Pandora server, please check the following thread to verify whether the guild mark already exists. Pandora Guild Icon Thread
If the guild mark does not exist, please make a thread with the name: Upload - Guildname

Quote:Example Thread Title: Upload - Heaven

Guild name: Heaven

Guild Mark: [Image: OrvdFkR.png]

If the guild mark already exists in the thread listed above, please make a thread with the name: Icon - Guildname

Quote:Example Thread Title: Icon - AngelicMafia

Guild Name: AngelicMafia

Guild Mark ID: 2316

*Your Guild's Icon may be changed once a month.

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