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[Image: GLLCbl9sPlQiaYTM]
[Image: 3OBBDBHlLGxFamFL]

[Image: klyICQoXuTowJVNu]

Unlike the combo skill that consecutive attacks are done by specific key combination, this system is operated by random key combination and causes
critical bonus damage.

[Image: bdU9WswQlxYNPaXW]

[Image: mhXcarI2ReyFjsvO] Instant and Casting class skills are used in the system, but basic skill could not be used. And if character does not pay skill points when learning
Instant and Casting class, they also could not be used.
[Image: bowzUdyzQEp1G7S6]

[Image: mhXcarI2ReyFjsvO] Bonus damage is not obtained, in case of attack failing or consecutive attack discontinued during playing game.
[Image: bowzUdyzQEp1G7S6]
[Image: mhXcarI2ReyFjsvO] In order to be under this system, you should do successfully 3 consecutive attacks. Thereof, you would get bonus damage, according to the
defined probability.
[Image: bowzUdyzQEp1G7S6]
[Image: mhXcarI2ReyFjsvO] To get bonus damage, you should perform following 2nd attack within 2 seconds after conducting 1st attack.
[Image: bowzUdyzQEp1G7S6]
[Image: mhXcarI2ReyFjsvO] In order to be under this system, you should follow above mentioned rules.

[Image: bdU9WswQlxYNPaXW]

[Image: gtU2fgUdozXvk6cR]

Combo system is automatically operated macro system by single key combination after mixing together various skills.

[Image: bdU9WswQlxYNPaXW]

[Image: mhXcarI2ReyFjsvO] All skills that character learns at the expense of skill points are available. But, Passive class and basic skill are not available.
[Image: bowzUdyzQEp1G7S6]

[Image: mhXcarI2ReyFjsvO] Combo system consists of the skills that character learns at the expense of skill points. Accordingly, Life, Mana, Stamina and reaction time are
consumed equally when performing skills.
[Image: bowzUdyzQEp1G7S6]
[Image: mhXcarI2ReyFjsvO] 2 to 5 skills should be used in combo system. Out of this skill numbers, the system could not turn on.
[Image: bowzUdyzQEp1G7S6]
[Image: mhXcarI2ReyFjsvO] Combo system is generated by combination window. You register newly generated combo system icon just as registering skill into Short Key bar.
[Image: bowzUdyzQEp1G7S6]
[Image: mhXcarI2ReyFjsvO] Once combo system turns on, character can not move.
[Image: bowzUdyzQEp1G7S6]
[Image: mhXcarI2ReyFjsvO] Skill used in combo system also available in Short key bar, which means that a certain skill registered in short key bar could also be registered
in combination window.
[Image: bowzUdyzQEp1G7S6]
[Image: mhXcarI2ReyFjsvO] Duplicated skill is not allowed in combination window, which means you could not register a certain skill if it is already registered in combination
[Image: bowzUdyzQEp1G7S6]
[Image: mhXcarI2ReyFjsvO] The way to delete skill registered in combination window is same as deleting short key bar. (Right click on mousebutton and select what
you would delete.)
[Image: bowzUdyzQEp1G7S6]
[Image: mhXcarI2ReyFjsvO] According to the Level character has, skill numbers to be used in combo system and to generate combo system are different.

[Image: bdU9WswQlxYNPaXW]

[Image: bfnLp4kGF2U4F9Oe]

[Image: QKrqrj4.png]

[Image: JrLfA2B7ELIG2eK8]

[Image: p6WxB9if2yhmMrDN]

A. The place to generate combo system.
[Image: wTIBRY1NaKstHueU]

B. The place to register skills used in Combo system.
X marks at B section express the section where you are not allowed to
register skills for combo system. (Various according to Level difference)

[Image: wTIBRY1NaKstHueU]
C. The button to create combo system icon after registering skill.
[Image: wTIBRY1NaKstHueU]
D. The button to close combination window.
[Image: wTIBRY1NaKstHueU]
E. The button for moving combination window.
[Image: wTIBRY1NaKstHueU]

[Image: zoMWhHSYhXIEhwpA]

[Image: zBVbOfcAmyD2H3Xw]

1. Click short key bar S to open skill window.
[Image: wTIBRY1NaKstHueU]
2. Click button Combo system at right upper window.
[Image: wTIBRY1NaKstHueU]

[Image: e3gjOh3KzdyZgTGE]

3. Register the skills at COMBO window.
(Registering method is same as registering skill into short key bar)

[Image: wTIBRY1NaKstHueU]
4. If you register all skills for combo system, click creation button.
[Image: wTIBRY1NaKstHueU]

[Image: aeUCRzXTlUbI64gE]

5. New Combo system button created if you click creation' button.

[Image: wTIBRY1NaKstHueU]

[Image: n1cwaQk6NMmO13sG]

6. Select newly created Combo icon with left mouse button and
register it into key short bar. And then, use by clicking corresponding
short bar key.

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