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It is a system which gives heroes who are in the Martial world a nickname according to his actions.

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It is a name of honor and position gained through social life. It is different from the person's name.

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[Image: bul_arrow01.gif] You can get fame rate from level 36.
[Image: CLtemthjm2sjXOSi]
[Image: bul_arrow01.gif] Fame rate starts from "0" and it increase (+) or decrease (-) through character's action.
[Image: CLtemthjm2sjXOSi]
[Image: bul_arrow01.gif] Lawful and evil can only get fame rate when gaining "+" when "-" , fame rate decreases.
[Image: CLtemthjm2sjXOSi]
[Image: bul_arrow01.gif] Increase / Decrease in fame rate means change of nickname.
    Character's can gain nickname according to one's fame rate.
[Image: CLtemthjm2sjXOSi]
[Image: bul_arrow01.gif] Fame rate is essential when it creates a guild or joins a guild.
     It is the most essential factor for up grading guild's size.
[Image: CLtemthjm2sjXOSi]
[Image: bul_arrow01.gif] Fame rate is shown in Character information window "fame" part.
[Image: CLtemthjm2sjXOSi]

[Image: 0kwVnIEQuEdGtHOu]
[Image: spacer.gif][Image: bul_arrow01.gif] Increasing fame rate can be done through monster hunting or quest.
[Image: CLtemthjm2sjXOSi]
[Image: bul_arrow01.gif] Increases fame rate when killing the Kao (serviced later on)
[Image: CLtemthjm2sjXOSi]
[Image: bul_arrow01.gif] Increases fame rate when killing other character in the area where Lawful and Evil war is allowed.
[Image: CLtemthjm2sjXOSi]

[Image: bul_arrow01.gif] General fame rate decreases when killed by monster while hunting or didn't finish quest or cancel quest.
[Image: CLtemthjm2sjXOSi]
[Image: bul_arrow01.gif] Decrease in fame rate when PK other character (except Self defense)
[Image: CLtemthjm2sjXOSi]
[Image: bul_arrow01.gif] Decrease in fame rate when PK by different kind of character in the area where Lawful and Evil war is allowed.
[Image: CLtemthjm2sjXOSi]
[Image: bul_arrow01.gif] Quit guild or destroy guild.
[Image: CLtemthjm2sjXOSi]

[Image: Y0lKKx7eiTPwb2ji]

[Image: bul_arrow01.gif] According to the fame rate the character's nick name is shown at character information window "nickname"
[Image: CLtemthjm2sjXOSi]
[Image: bul_arrow01.gif] Nick name is divided into level 20 according to fame rate. The nick name changes within level. (Before 11 level)
    Nine new nickname are not effected fame score, It will be determined by fame rank amongst the server
[Image: CLtemthjm2sjXOSi]
[Image: bul_arrow01.gif] Mado faction is removed because it is considered the monster faction in Martial Heroes
[Image: CLtemthjm2sjXOSi]

[Image: tEvoiWsdb2MXYXOw]

[Image: zHFkKsj.png]
Nicknames Levels 12-20 are determined by fame score, which is standard for ranking within each faction.

[Image: huXPORZ.png]

[Image: cmvh14N39oVshfxm]
[Image: bul_arrow01.gif] Nickname ranking system is a totally separate level system.
     The Top 50 players of each faction with the best fame scores will total 100 people
[Image: CLtemthjm2sjXOSi]
[Image: bul_arrow01.gif] Ranking will be tallied once a week.
[Image: CLtemthjm2sjXOSi]
[Image: bul_arrow01.gif] Once tallying begins, if a player does not log into EMH 3 months they will be removed from ranking system.
[Image: CLtemthjm2sjXOSi]
[Image: bul_arrow01.gif] After ranking has been tallied, a character can receive a new nickname and nickname grade,
     Any character with a nickname may get a special faction and ability.
[Image: CLtemthjm2sjXOSi]
[Image: bul_arrow01.gif] Equipping shoulder pad according to nickname grade will allow access to three abilities.
[Image: CLtemthjm2sjXOSi]
[Image: bul_arrow01.gif] Example : If character nickname is grade 1, equip 9th grade shoulder pad to access 9th grade shoulder pad ability

[Image: cHwmcJq.png]

[Image: 1eL3Vxp.png]

[Image: gaxmQ9W4tiqAeVsb]
New nickname shoulder pad looks differently compared to old shoulder pad, Pad will be worn on both arm and has an enlarged shape; representing high fame characters.

[Image: pXM85gl.png]

[Image: oEnEWwh.png]
A user who has a grade nickname can show off his nick name with special forms of name

[Image: DDieYbA.png]

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