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Delays on win10
Hey all,

If im running the Game on PC (Win7) and LAN i have no delays at all and everything is running smooth, If i run it on my Win10 Notebook via WiFi i get constant delay on everything (skill use, Item drag and drop, etc)....
Network is perfectly fine and running without any delays itself, also via WiFi i get no delays on other Games besides BMH...

Anybody had that Kind of Problem and knows a solution?

Thanks in advance.
Delete wind 10 and install wind 7.
Problem solved
Not possible, new UEFI BIOS doesnt Take anything older than Win10
Had same prob with new work comp... Got a new one with wind 7
try to use the compatibility on win 7 or older Smile
Going to try that once I am home from work
Tried compatibility and it didnt change anything :/

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