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Late Hours
Howe about some "bonus" rates in late hours? Like 22-6 (11pm-6am) ?
Some better drop rate, or star rate . something like that
negative u guys had already alot of rain on each map and isn`t still enough?
So only people in North America should get said bonus? I think not.
Maybe make 2h a day of extra exp or whatnot?
even that would be good .
Alternating between maybe 2h each day so everyone rotating a week can get those 2h of exp each day
The bonus periods you suggest are already implemented on a days scale.
Having 2hr periods and stepping through timezones is ridiculous logistically.
Its easy to level here and drop rates are good.
I question why people still need more then the abundance already provided.
Not my intention, just following the thought of the post of Stillah2. I'm good as I am thank you

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