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S> 144 Mage and Stuff/B> Sams
S> 144 Lawful Mage with 3,2million fame(Pioneer) ( still have 800% exp buff for 3hrs)
      Full Ui J Set (GAM/GON/GUN) everything +3 (brack,neck +2 and cap +4)
      UI J GUN Fan +5 
      Also on acc a 122 MONK with some +10 stuff 

      Selling it for gold/mhp/sams/items


144 Tae J Set Sin +0 and Wep(bow+5/claw+2)  for 4kg
144 Tae J Set Monk +0                                         3kg
    36 set manuals (10d) 100g each
    48 set manuals (10d) 100g each
    60 set manuals (10d) 100g each
    72 set manuals (10d) 150g each
    84 set manuals (10d) 200g each
    96 set manuals (10d) 300g each
  108 set manuals (10d) 400g each

   Ui,Tae,Dokgo,Wolkwang manuals 500g each

    Kiji c Manuals(7d)  500g each
   Weapon ups 5g each
   Accesory ups 5g each
   120 set tablet 3kg
   108 set tablet 4kg

   Dirty Books 400g each
   +13 atk beads   1,5kg each
   +13 Crit beads   1,5kg each

   SAP M  300g each
   SAP L   500g each

   2x kiji c shoes Monk and Mage    1kg each
   kiji c Bracelet any class               500g each
   kiji c cap Monk and Sin               2kg each
   1x Kiji c set Sin without cape       offer me

B> All SAMS 150 mhp each
offer here, on Discord (VegaZ) or ingame (VegaZ)

Smile Smile Smile

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