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Guild War

This is a war among the guilds across the M.H region, and players from every guild can PVP freely without penalty.
The objective is to destroy guild stones with unique abilities to obtain the stone's power. That power is shared with members in the guild until the next guild war begins.

Nine guild stones appear all over the Empire of Martial Heroes. The war begins when the first one appears.

Right after the guild war begins, all players in a guild should be under war rules even if the player's guild is not at war. This rule applies only for the players who are registered with a guild. This rule is valid until all guild stones are destroyed. For every guild stone destroyed during the war, a notice is displayed to all online players. Members in the guild who destroy the guild stone gain the guild stone's power.

When all guild stones are destroyed, the guild war is over. All online users will get a notice about the results.
(Press W to check out the results of the guild war)

Once the guild war starts, all players registered to a guild can join the Guild War. Each guild's members can KILL other guild's members without any penalty.

You cannot attack or kill your own guild members.
You can heal or buff your fellow guild members.
You can attack or kill other guild members regardless of the guild's faction (Lawful/Evil).
Even in the “Dead Sea” and “Lucifer's Temple”, lawful can kill lawful and vice versa.
If members of another guild kill you during the war, your will not lose fame or experience.
If you are killed by other guild's members during the war, you will not lose any items.
Once the guild war is over, the above rules will no longer apply.
During the guild war, you cannot PK members of your own guild nor can you kill players who are not registered with a guild. You can also not attack Neutral type players (Players without a faction).
The above rules also apply to players who connect to the game after the guild war has been started as long as the guild war is still in effect.
The same rules apply to PK'ing in safe zones. You cannot attack anybody who resides in a safe zone.

1. Once your has succeeded in destroying a guild stone, all of your guild members will have below advantages based on the stone destroyed.
Each guild stone has one of the following effects.

※ However, only two of above advantages can be claimed by one guild at any given time.

2. If you leave a guild, you will lose the advantages listed above.
3. Guild stone advantages and GM's Buffs will work at the same time.
(You can get both advantages)
4. If you destroy the guild stones, you will get the above advantages, but guild stones will not give you any other items.
Each guild cannot get the advantages of more than 2 guild stones.

All members in the guild are empowered with the guild stone's unique ability. Its effectiveness is valid until the beginning of the next guild war. But members who withdraw from the guild will lose the power acquired from the destroyed guild stone.

 (Myepnchen Stone) - Nachung Valley in K.C
 (Cheonra Stone) - Guryong village in V.V
 (Hyeoncheon Stone) - Haunted Zone in Dead sea
 (Geumgang Stone) - Nachung Valley In K.C
 (Ilwui Stone) - Dead Village in K.C
 (Yeokcheon Stone) - Plane Village in V.V

This is the UI that reports the details and result about the guild war. (Press W to use)

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