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Make Warrior Viable Again!
Just noticing how hardly anyone is Warrior and why would you be? Monk's superior Buddong AoE Glitch that hits up to 8 Targets. Monk's superior Defense buff gained very early of 20% Rod/Wheel  and 25% for Plummets VS Warrior's 18% at Lv.144 requiring over 36 points to achieve. IY Healing is quite useless since it used to be amazing for Duels, but now you can become so strong in BMH, duels end as fast as they start w/ Sub-Skills. Wheel Monk's Heal is 10x better and overall, IY Healing just isn't the passive it used to be. Sure, Jinsa Gives Warrior a tremendous health boost, giving him the highest Healthpool in the game, but he lacks range severely, putting that extra life at a downfall seeing how Warrior is bound to be hit twice due to his lack of range when fighting top tier bosses.

What can we do to make Warrior the great class he once was?! My opinion?

Buff hiis Defense & Offense Buffs, or tweak them to make them more appealing or have an advantage that no other class can have. It's just a numeric value, so changing those via file format code should be extremely easy. Beyond that may take a lot of work and may not be worth the trouble.

Make him hit hard!! Buff the damage his skills can do. It won't make-up for his lack of AoE, but at least his single target damage will not be rivaled and his AoE won't be ignored.

Or, change the amount of targets Warrior's AoE can hit by 1~2 additional targets per skill for Scimitar and Lance. Especially Lance's 2-Target attack.

Alter the radius of Warrior's skills perhaps?

Make Axe-2 not suck. Seriously. Axe used to be my absolute favorite weapon choice for Warrior, but it's honestly hot garbage.

Change the poison damage on Scimitar to actually deal a significant amount. -350 per tick at lv.87 and amps up to -500/-750/-1000 Would be a giant upgrade. Same should be done for Mage as well.

Make Warrior's Offense and Defense Passive give a LOT more. +8 to Offense and Defense is really lame and totally not worth getting. Bump those bad boys up to +35/+35 Offense/Defense.

It is nice knowing that Warrior is not the god tier class he used to be in Orginal EMH, above Mage. I'm not saying Assassin or Monk are overpowered either. They are both working as intended, except Monk, due to buddong bug. These are just my opinions though. Don't agree and think I'm stupid and ignorant? Eat a donger.

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