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GM,good moring,Wecome to see my post,thanks!
Congratulations to OSA to become GM,I hope you can delete my character completely.No need for any reason to use your privileges.

Anyone in this game can be GM,funny。Hanging up cheating master has become GM,this game is meaningless!

Because the language is nowhere to communicate with the original GM,actually let cheating become GM,too funny!

Revenge by GM,can this game still play?
Would you like all characters and accounts deleted?

I keep warning you guys and you try and hide behind alts thinking I don't know who you are.
I will keep applying pressure until you stop using macros. Other players do not appreciate your automation and I get complaints constantly.
Its not our goal to make you quit but to make you stop using macros. We will see which happens first.

I assume by privileges you meant services. Good job google translate.
Too funny,For no reason ,you said my bot,Where is the evidence?

Don't say it ,it's fifting the ban,I won't play anymore.
This is not a court of law. You will not talk your way out of it. I have all the 'evidence' I need.
Osa is not GM. Your alt was reported by 3 players.

And I said macro not bot. Nice freudian slip though. Keep up the good work.

Let me spell it out for you simply.
No macro. No problems.
I haveen't played the game for a few days,Actually,I use macro?

IS the stall a macro?follow is macro?
Don't play dumb. You got caught. Suck it up. Im the one who banned you and your alts.

In-Game Specific Rules

1. Botting is NOT allowed. Botting will result in a 7-day ban for your first offense, 30-day ban for 2nd offense, and permanent ban for your 3rd offense.
I heard that my account was blocked this morring.It turns out that this game does not need any reason for the title.
Macro Hereos ftw!

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