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Some basic ideas(Edit)

1.I wanna propose for getting more gold in the inventory and vending. I mean to be able to have more than 2000g in the inventory (like max 9999g), also when vending to be able to charge any value for your items, linked to the previous suggestion(max. value 9999g).
2.Also i  suggest for having a permanent Chuck Amulet or even to be able to buy at NPC for moderate cost. This will be very helpful to move around the basic maps.
3.Vending points to be able to get more than 233p , never got more out of it.(not sure if its just me who wasn't able..)
4.Sending cargo is sometimes a pain in the butt, cause you cant send more them 5 items, which is not convenient because the space is 5x8. Would be nice to able use the cargo 100% in terms of space.

I would appreciate if you all support this ideas.

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