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.Sundan (5 states for 5h), 200 mhp ea
.Sundan S x1 (all states for 10h), offer(no lower than 500 mhp)
.Jackpot+Double item Drop Combo 5h x5, 200 mhp ea
.Speedy Upgradex6, 300 mhp ea
.ASR+DSR Combox5, 300 mhp ea
.Tae W x1, 200mhp
.Red Crackers x5, offer
.Green Crackers x1, offer
.1Day Kiji Wep x6, 500g ea
.GuildMark Gr.1 Lawfull x5, 100g ea
.106+10 Ring A x2, 200g ea

.97+10 Neck A, 200g
.95+10 Brac A, 200g
.Changing Faction Capsule(12-83) x2, 150g ea

.Kiji C
Cap W, offer mhp SOLD
Br W, 500g
Shoes K, 1.5kg
Ja M, 400 mhp
Br M, 500g
.Transformation pots
S,SY,Sy,Ly,LY,L , 50g ea

.7Day Set
96 Maga Set full (A,M,K,W)x3, 200 mhp ea

.84 Lightning Set A, offer mhp(no lower than 5k mhp) SOLD

Buy Kiji C Cape M
Feel free to offer.

Merry Christmas everyone!
Kiji c sh is around 500g cz it is easy to drop... Kiji c cap is 1k MHP and kiji c cape is around 4-6 k MHP.
I think that GMH@Kar0llPL have kijo c cape for sale.

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